Country Legend's Relative Found Stabbed to Death in a Box

Johnny Cash This is truly awful news. Country legend Johnny Cash's grandniece Courtney Cash was discovered dead this morning, and murder is suspected, with one suspect already in custody. It's a gut-wrenching story, whether you are a fan of the country singer or not. In addition to leaving behind her devastated father, Courtney leaves behind a young daughter, as well as her live-in boyfriend, William Austin Johnson

The details of what happened the night of her death are still unclear, but the gruesome way Cash was discovered is not open for debate. Authorities arrived on the scene -- the home Cash shared with Johnson -- to find her body in a large trunk just inside the home. Cash had been stabbed multiple times. The police have arrested Wayne Gary Masciarella under suspicion of homicide based on evidence including a first-hand account from Johnson. 


Apparently, Cash and Johnson went out for the night with Masciarella, who they knew. Upon returning home, a fight broke out and Mascierella is alleged to have stabbed and attacked both Cash and Johnson. Johnson was able to flee, along with their young baby girl who was thankfully unharmed, and sought medical and police help for himself and for the girlfriend he had not been able to immediately rescue. Unfortunately, the police would arrive too late for Cash. Just devastating.

I cannot imagine how this horrific news must be effecting her family. Her poor boyfriend must be beating himself up over not being able to save the life of the mother of his child. It sounds like he did absolutely the right thing, getting himself and more importantly their baby, out of a deadly situation. Whatever the reason for the altercation there is never any true excuse for violence. This whole story is like a country song gone wrong. Our thoughts are with Johnson, their child, and the entire family Cash left behind. 

Do you believe relatives of celebrities are more at risk than the rest of us when it comes to dangerous situations? 

Image via Daniel Hartwig/Flickr

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