Missing Boy's Rescue After Amber Alert Is Good News for Everyone but Dad

Lucas Guinn Jimmy GuinnWho could use some good news today? You too? Well here you go! An Amber Alert for a missing Virginia boy thought to be in "extreme danger" has been spreading like wildfire across the Internet, but you can stop sharing it now! Lucas Guinn is going to be OK!

Although the same probably can't be said for Lucas' dad.


Jimmy Guinn, 67, was suspected of abducting his 11-year-old son on Thursday. The boy was last seen at Lebanon Middle School in southwestern Virginia, but the Amber Alert warned father and son might be headed to West Virginia or even Ohio.

As it turns out, they never made it that far. Cops say they rescued Lucas, and arrested Dad, during a traffic stop ... still in Virginia.


Folks, it's sad to see a dad going to jail, and no doubt this kid will need some counseling for awhile. That part in all of this celebration cannot be forgotten. I would like to say that this Amber Alert was never issued, that this boy came home from school on Thursday just as he did ever other Thursday, did his homework, maybe played some video games, ate some pizza.

But I do have to say it's NICE to see an Amber Alert work! We hear so many sad stories -- way too many of them -- that eventually it all starts to weigh on you and make you feel like bad things will just keep on happening.

It's certainly something to keep in mind next time you see one of these stories pop up on Facebook and you debate "to share" or "not to share." You COULD help a child. You COULD make a difference.

What do you think should be done to the dad in this situation?


Image via Virginia State Police

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