Family of 4 Brutally Beats & Tortures Man They Say Inappropriately Touched Child

woodsFour people have been charged after they beat a man within inches of his life recently and left him in the woods to die. Raymond Jones, 45, April Jones, 38, Justin Bey, 21, and Samantha McClellan, 18, have all been charged with attempted first degree intentional homicide, false imprisonment, two counts of contributing to the delinquency of a child, kidnapping, and aggravated battery. The victim had reportedly been staying with the Joneses for three weeks before the incident. He told authorities that he had hit a young child on the butt, and that's why he was beat up.


According to the criminal report, the man was beaten on and off for two days straight, and during those days, he allegedly was urinated on and had feces wiped on his head. He was found by two people who were riding ATVs in the woods, who initially thought he was dead. They put the man on the back of their vehicle and called 911 to get him help.

Putting a hand on a child is NEVER right in any circumstances, but this is incredibly disturbing. Police say this is the worst they've ever seen a man beaten. And the suspects were reportedly upset when they learned the man was still alive. See, they thought wolves would get to him and kill him after they smelled all that blood.

Details are still rather scant on this horrific crime, but talk about something truly upsetting. Hopefully, if convicted, these people will be doled out a suitable punishment, as it doesn't seem like they feel much remorse. And, hopefully, if the victim did do anything inappropriate to a child, which is what the family is claiming, he'll be locked up, too. Ugh, this whole thing is about as awful and upsetting as it gets.

What do you think an appropriate punishment is for the suspects?


Image via Alternative Heat/Flickr

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