Student Arrested for Sending 'Hit List' of Classmates He Planned to Shoot in Massacre

handgunSchool shootings now fall among a parent's biggest fears. It's one of those horrific phenomena that seems completely out of our control. And it keeps cropping up, leaving many to feel scared and powerless. In the most recent case, a 16-year-old was arrested after sending a hit list of people he planned to kill at his high school. Fortunately, his murder plot was thwarted, but the details of the intended crime and what he did after getting caught are beyond chill-inducing.


The sophomore at NOVA Academy in Santa Ana, California blames his revenge plot on bullying. He was reportedly tired of the abuse he suffered because of fellow students.

Sadly, that has become an all too familiar excuse for these school shootings. This kid felt victimized and believed the only way to make it stop or get back at his attackers was to use a gun. It's a shame that, in his mind, there was no other recourse. I shudder at the fact that many students may feel that way. Fortunately, most don't turn to homicide.

Once in handcuffs, you would hope that rational, sane thought would set in and this child would show some sort of remorse. But his reaction was quite the opposite. He didn't deny it or try to pass it off as a joke. When cops contacted him, he told them the names of the 10 people he planned to kill, according to authorities. He also had planned to recruit other students to help him massacre his peers.

"He made it clear that he would do whatever it took to get his mission accomplished," Santa Ana police Cpl. Anthony Bertagna told KTLA TV. Shocking, isn't it? Even at that point, he was intent on killing those who bullied him. I suppose that is an indication of how tormented this teen felt.

He's now being held in a juvenile facility, but no weapons have been found so far. Still, the school plans to have armed guards on the school grounds for the next several weeks.

How do you think schools and parents can prevent school shootings?


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