Mom Convicted of Having Sex With 8-Year-Old Gets Outrageous Sentence

woman in handcuffsThis story is just mind-blowing in its awfulness. Usually, when a sex-offender with a predilection for children is caught and found guilty, the book is thrown at them. They can expect significant jail-time to be appointed in accordance with the horrific nature of their crimes. In the case of young mother and sex-offender Loren Morris, that didn't happen.

In a shocking turn of events, the 21-year-old was sentenced to only 12 months in jail after being found guilty of repeatedly having sexual intercourse with an 8-year-old boy. Did I mention Morris is a mother herself? Because she is. She has a child of her own and saw nothing wrong with her actions. I don't know whether to throw up, cry, scream, or do all three. At the same time.


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Morris began abusing her victim when he was 8 and she was 16. She was found guilty of having sex with him as many as 50 times over the span of two whole years before she was caught. The truth came out when the victim was heard bragging about the experience to his friends at school.

That the victim seemed boastful isn't proof that there was no harm done. If anything, that's more evidence to the contrary. At age 8 no child is capable of making a consensual decision, whether they are male or female. No exceptions. 

It's very easy to make light of the abuse, and people often do, especially in cases like these where the victim is male and the abuser is female -- the Mary Kay Letourneau case comes to mind. But that doesn't make it "okay" by any stretch of the imagination. I highly doubt that the judge would have let her off with a year behind bars if she were male and the victim female. Can you imagine the outcry if he had? People wouldn't stand for it.

But because the abuser is a woman, it's okay to give her a slap on the wrist? I think not. The judge says he made this decision because she seemed "embarrassed" enough not to re-offend. Thank god most other judges have an understanding of how pedophilia works and don't let every embarrassed offender off basically scot-free.

Do you think female offenders deserve less time in jail for crimes than male offenders?


Image via © A. Huber/U. Starke/Corbis

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