Mom Arrested for Leaving 8 Kids in Filthy Home Without Food for Days

filthy houseDespite the frequent reports about parents abandoning their kids or letting them live in deplorable conditions, each new story is still devastating to hear. The reason? Those of us who strive to be good parents will never understand how someone could do such a thing to defenseless children. Get ready to shake your head at yet another. A Georgia mother of eight is accused of leaving them alone for days in a filthy, feces- and insect-infested home with little food.


Bethany Marie Shubert was arrested after two of her children were found unsupervised in the house. The conditions were deplorable: no heat, laundry and trash piled everywhere, dog feces and urine scattered about, bugs, children sleeping on the floors, and just three slices of ham and mayonnaise in the entire fridge for her eight kids, who range in age from 3 months to 14 years.

The person who called the police on this allegedly delinquent mom? Her sister, Vanessa. It says a lot when your own sibling wants you thrown in jail. "She'd be at her boyfriend's house, leaving kids watching kids, and sometimes I'd be worried about them not having anything to eat," Vanessa told reporters. There were times she would drive by and see the kids outside late at night when they were supposed to be in bed. She also shared that Bethany has been battling a drug problem and her hope is that "something good will come out of" her being locked up.

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It’s just a shame how some children are forced to live because of out-of-control parents. But what happens to them now? I don’t mean physically -- 7 of the 8 were released to their aunt. With three kids herself, it will be difficult to take care them all, but at least they are together.

The real question is how will these essentially abandoned kids cope emotionally? How do you move past this kind of mistreatment, especially at the hands of your mother? They may wonder why she didn't love them enough to make sure they were all right? Or perhaps they will ask themselves why she was more interested in drugs and a boyfriend than them? Those are harsh things for any child to contemplate, but they most assuredly will. Poor things.

See the inside of the house for yourself:

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