Wife Says Devil Made Her Stab Husband for 'Worshipping' NASCAR

Lots of wives would kill to get their husbands to stop watching so many sporting events, but one 23-year-old woman in Tennessee actually attempted murder because of her spouse's love of NASCAR. Stephanie Peery Hamman fell off the deep end the other night when she allegedly crashed her car into a church, claiming she was possessed by Satan and God made her do it, before luring her husband into the house of worship to try and kill him because God didn't approve of his 'worshipping' NASCAR.


Stephanie says that she realized she had become possessed by the devil and was trying to listen to God, who told her to drive through the doors of the Providence Church, which is located right across the street from the apartment she shares with her husband. She then reportedly placed items on the altar and called her husband Steven Hamman to tell him he wrecked her car. Steven, who was watching a NASCAR race on television at the time of the call, ran over to the church and found his wife lying in front of the altar.

Stephanie allegedly told him "the devil is in me" and stabbed him on the right side of the chest with a kitchen knife that she later told police the devil had instructed her to take from their home that morning.

Thankfully, Steven is in fair condition at the hospital. Just judging by the police reports that have surfaced, it seems there is a whole lot more going on with Stephanie than just a desire to get back at her husband for watching too much NASCAR. She told cops that she smokes marijuana all day and night and that it makes her see things that others don't see.

She also claimed she was baptized that very morning at the church she drove into. Although police discovered that wasn't true, there is a chance she was baptized at a different church that day.

It's unclear whether this is the first time Stephanie has exhibited odd behavior like this or if there were warning signs, but it really makes you wonder. The young woman is being charged with first-degree murder and felony vandalism. I believe she deserves to face the consequences of her actions, of course, but I also hope she is somehow able to receive psychiatric help if doctors determine she needs it.

What do you think drove this wife to stab her husband?


Image via Pranavian/Flickr

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