Pedophile Allegedly Used Lottery Winnings to Lure & Groom Victim

moneyThe thought of a child falling victim to a pedophile certainly tops the list of most parents' worst fears. And these days, those sick criminals are finding even more creative ways to reach kids through the Internet and social media. However, one man is accused of using cold hard cash to sexually abuse a child. Police say Daniel Snay used his $10 million in lottery winnings to lure and sexually assault a young boy over many years. 


In 2008, the suspect won the Connecticut lottery and allegedly came up with the sick scheme to use part of it to molest a child. Investigators say he gave money and gifts to curry favor with various people, who would ultimately help him carry out the sexual assaults. Police wouldn't reveal more specifics, but the message was clear: their silence and participation were bought by Snay.

They say Snay also plied the child with money and gifts. He is now charged with assault and battery of a child under age 14, reckless endangerment of a child, enticement of a child, and dissemination of pornography to a minor.

Though the details are scant, this case is already beyond sick and disturbing -- and not just because of Snay's horrific crime. You always hear the phrase, "Everyone has a price." It's the notion that everyone can be bought; that no one is above greed. But the thought that multiple people would take money in exchange for helping a man sexually assault a child is just horrifying. How could they justify what they were allowing this man to do?

Again, it's unclear the extent of their involvement, but even if they knew what he was up to and said nothing -- that is a disgusting act in itself. I don't know what kind of penalty it carries, but they all deserve to pay for what this poor boy has been through. And I hope every cent of those lottery winnings is taken away.

Do you think staying silent about a crime is just as bad as committing it?


Image via Refracted Moments/Flickr

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