Grown Man Caught Punching 8-Year-Old in Face to Steal His iPad (VIDEO)

ipad boy You know things are bad in the world when a grown man punches an 8-year-old for his iPad. Yay, civilization! A little boy was following his aunt out of his daycare facility in Minneapolis when 32-year-old Aaron Wayne Stillday allegedly ran up to him and punched him in the face, before grabbing the iPad that was tucked under the child's arm. The upsetting ordeal was caught on tape, and thankfully, a Good Samaritan chased Stillday down, and he's since been arrested.


Mohammad Armeli heard the commotion from his restaurant, and he immediately ran out and began chasing down the suspect. He dialed 911 mid-run, and eventually Stillday was caught and arrested and charged with felony first-degree aggravated robbery. "This is the scum of the Earth," Armeli said. "You cannot hit a child like that. Don’t hit him for his iPad, or for anything." Amen to that.

Clearly, the thief, being three times the child's size, could have easily snatched away the device without using violence. Of course, stealing is wrong, but it's a little better than intentionally hurting a kid. What is wrong with this man?! He is the scum of the Earth for hitting this poor kid. Thank goodness he was caught; thank goodness the little boy is okay; and thank goodness this man is facing up to 20 years in prison if convicted. Dirtbag.

What do you think a suitable punishment for this crime is?


Image via NewsAlert31/YouTube

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