Camera Catches Terrifying Moment ‘Crazed Woman’ Takes 2 Kids (VIDEO)

car jack victimWe hear about terrifying carjackings and child abductions all the time, but rarely do we see one unfold right before our eyes. A store camera captured the moment a crazed woman, foaming at the mouth, carjacked a mom and drove off with her two small children. It's a heart-stopping scene. Take a look.


The video shows suspect Natalie Merriam Hulme approaching a truck and exchanging words with the mom. After the woman walks away, the mom gets out of the car to make a quick stop into a store, leaving her kids and the keys behind. That is when the disheveled woman seizes the opportunity to drive away. Even through the grainy video you can see this mother's terror as she frantically tries to get to her daughters.

Clearly Hulme was in need of help. Her behavior was abnormally dangerous and bizarre. Thank goodness something went wrong with the truck and she was forced to abandon it and the children. And it's especially lucky that a good Samaritan ultimately stopped her before she could seriously harm anyone else.

This story has a happy ending -- which we don't hear enough of these days. Those two little girls were safely reunited with their mom. However, I have to ask, "When the heck are people going to stop leaving their kids in unattended cars?" Is saving the time it would take to unbuckle them and corral them into a store worth the risk? I don't care how safe your town is or how often you've done it before without incident. The world is just too dangerous these days. This video is proof of that.

Do you think it's ever okay for parents to leave their kids in the car?


Image via KIRO-TV Seattle

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