George Zimmerman's Parents Sue Roseanne Barr & She Deserves It

Roseanne Barr has always been an outspoken woman. But there's a thin line between speaking your mind and broadcasting information over social media sites like Twitter that can cause real harm to others and put you in hot water, as the actress is learning the hard way. George Zimmerman's parents are suing Roseanne for tweeting their names, home address, and telephone number in 2012 to her then-110,000-plus followers. Her tweet, which has since been deleted, appeared one month after their son shot and killed Trayvon Martin.

Robert and Gladys Zimmerman claim they had to leave their Florida home in the middle of the night and were unable to return because the former talk show host's irresponsible and thoughtless message encouraged people to take "vigilante justice" against the family and "descend" on them like a "lynch mob."


Whatever your thoughts on George, his parents had NOTHING to do with what happened to Trayvon. I'm sure they were suffering greatly at the time of the tweet as a result of what was going on with their son. They deserved to have their privacy respected, and it's outrageous to think Roseanne didn't consider the effect her post could have on his family -- or maybe she considered it but didn't care? It isn't yet clear WHAT she was thinking.

According to the Zimmermans' complaint, Roseanne tweeted the following after posting their address: "At first I thought it was good to let ppl know that no one can hide anymore ... If Zimmerman isn't arrested I'll rt his address again- maybe go 2 his house myself."

Is she absolutely crazy? She could have had these folks murdered!

It isn't exactly news that Roseanne has used Twitter to unleash her infamous rage and bizarre opinions in the past. She's guilty of oversharing about the television industry in a way that makes me feel I need a shower and is quite candid about her physical pains and mental issues, which is brave, I'll admit.

Here's what it isn't brave: using your fame to ruin the lives of others without thinking about the repercussions of your actions.

Roseanne hasn't commented about the lawsuit but retweeted the following comment today:

There is some truth to this statement. Robert Zimmerman has said that his wife moved out of their home prior to Roseanne's tweets because they were receiving death threats. And that information does indeed sound different from what they're claiming happened in their lawsuit.

But I fail to see how this fact makes what Roseanne did right or unpunishable.

What do you think? Should Roseanne get in trouble for tweeting the Zimmermans' address and phone number?


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