Terrifying Carjacking Footage Will Change the Way You Drive (VIDEO)

carjacking video This one is just plain mesmerizing -- but not in a good way. The only thing that's more terrifying than hearing about a carjacking taking place is being the victim of one. A recent video that just surfaced of a carjacker frantically trying to escape the police makes that feeling all too real. Watching the movie-quality clip, you'll probably find your heart racing. Especially once you learn all of the details, including how one of the cars contained a 4-year-old who was left unattended. Ugh, I can't even with this!

Suspect Ryan Stone was fleeing the police in Denver where he was wanted on drug-related charges. He was so desperate to escape, he carjacked not one, not two, but THREE cars before the police manage to catch him and stop him flat. Making matters even more dramatic, the whole thing was caught on tape.


Stone nabbed the first car at a gas station. This was the car containing the small child, whose poor mother was inside paying for the gas. Can you even imagine how terrified she must have been? This definitely makes me rethink every single time I've gotten out of the car and not bothered locking the doors because I'll "only be gone for a second." Gulp! Lock the doors! Lock everything! Never leave your keys in the car!

Thankfully, all parties involved -- even the youngster -- made it out physically fine. Frankly that's kind of miraculous, especially considering that a fair portion of this high-speed chase took place with him going the wrong way down the road!

But the victims will no doubt definitely carry some trauma with them for a prolonged period of time thanks to this jerk's attack. Stone was apprehended by the police when he abandoned the final car and decided to flee on foot. Yes. Because human beings are so much faster than cars. Smooth move, jerk.

Have you ever witnessed something scary happening while driving?


Image via Project Genesis/YouTube

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