Toddler Brings 48 Envelopes of Heroin to Daycare

Phillip YoungEver heard the phrase "don't mix business with pleasure"? A New Jersey dad might want to brush up on the concept. He's facing charges after employees at his toddler's daycare called to report the tot had shown up that morning with 48 envelopes of heroin!

Forty-eight? One would be bad enough, but how the heck do 48 packets of a hardcore drug end up at a daycare?!


According to cops in Paterson, New Jersey, the envelopes were all packed in the jacket of Phillip Young's 2-year-old daughter. And no, this doesn't seem to be a case of a little kid picking up something that looked interesting and putting it in her coat to show off to her friends. Cops say the toddler had no idea she was daddy's alleged drug mule.

That part did make me feel a little bit better about this whole debacle, but honestly I think dad just got lucky here. If the charges against him -- which include endangering the welfare of a child -- are true, he didn't just put his own daughter at serious risk, but he put an entire daycare full of children in danger. Can you imagine what would have happened if a kid saw one of those little envelopes, got curious, and put it in their mouth?

That is, after all, what kids do at that age! And that much heroin could kill a child quite easily.

It would be a much better world if parents actually thought about what their actions could do, not only to their kids, but to every kid their kid comes in contact with. If only ...

What do you think the punishment should be if this dad is found guilty?


Image via Paterson Police

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