Criminal Busts Himself With Selfie Posted Right Before Robbing Bank

handcuffsIf there's ever a time NOT to take a selfie, it's right before you're about to commit a crime. Twenty-one-year-old Jules Bahler is officially a suspect for three bank robberies and Facebook is to blame. Well, technically, he's to blame, since he's the one who took this ridiculous selfie while holding a gun and decided to share it with the entire world. Investigators compared the bank's surveillance footage to the Facebook photo and BOOM -- he's officially a suspect.

Unfortunately, this isn't the first time this happened and there's a good chance it's not the last.

Take a look at the jail-worthy selfie here -- could you imagine seeing THIS on your newsfeed?

Is this guy for REAL?

Image via Txspiked/Flickr

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