'Drug Addict' Mom Responds to Viral Video of Her Falling Asleep on Bus

drug addict mom on busIt was horrifying watching the video that went viral over the weekend of a mom who seemed to be a drug addict nodding off on a Philadelphia city bus while her young daughter tried desperately to wake her up. The little girl got no help from bus passengers, including the person who shot the video ... and many of us (me included) were bothered by their indifference. But if you were just as bothered by the mom, get ready to get even angrier at her.

Philadelphia authorities tracked her down and -- thank goodness -- took her daughter away as they investigate what really went down on that SEPTA bus. So how did the mom cops have alleged was doing what's known as the "heroin nod," a passing out common among addicts, respond to what happened? 


She's not taking any blame! In fact, look at what Philadelphia media found on the mom's Facebook page

I f------ hope all you skumbags [sic] out there are f------ happy. I just lost the best thing in the world to me all because ppl [sic] think before they open there [sic] mouths!

Um, what? First off, wouldn't it be "people don't think" rather than the other way around? And exactly how is a CPS investigation the fault of OTHER people?

OTHER people were not on that bus passing out while her child was trying to wake her up. OTHER people did not yell at her kid for daring to try to hold her head up ... and then pass right back out.

I noticed a few people sticking up for the mom when the video first broke, trying to come up with possible reasons -- aside from drugs -- why she might have been nodding off. I give people credit for not jumping to conclusions, but after this, I'm afraid the only conclusion is that this mother is just plain not fit to parent.

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A good mom who was having a reaction to some medicine or maybe was diabetic and having blood sugar issues that day would not be going off on a rant about how other people ruined her life. She'd be screaming her mea culpas and doing her darndest to get her kid back! 

Sadly -- but not terribly surprisingly -- the 26-year-old mom has been found to have a rap sheet including convictions for retail theft, disorderly conduct, and promoting prostitution while being an inmate in a house of corrections. This bus incident, and her reaction, seem to be part of her MO.

I'm still bothered by the lack of caring shown by the people on that bus, but that doesn't get this mom off the hook. She's got to answer for what went down.

Haven't seen the video? Here it is:

What do you make of her reaction? Should CPS have taken her child away?


Image via Ded Hed/YouTube

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