George Zimmerman Signs Autographs at Gun Show Like He’s a Hero (VIDEO)

george zimmermanThis public appearance is so cringe-worthy I can hardly stand to even write about it. George Zimmerman signed autographs at the New Orlando Gun Show. He was the featured guest of The Arms Room, a gun shop that supported him through his trial. Apparently this is his way of giving back. "The concept of being able to pay them back for what they did for me and seeing my supporters face to face was something I just couldn't pass up," Zimmerman told Fox 35.

So how did the giving-back public appearance go? Not quite as well as the planners probably hoped. It kind of makes you wonder, with friends like Zimmerman, does the gun industry really need any enemies?


Apparently the backlash almost forced organizers to cancel Zimmerman's appearance. Instead, they moved it to a smaller venue. And when that happens, you know your honored guest is actually more of a liability. I mean, however you feel about the Trayvon Martin case, I can't imagine very many people consider Zimmerman much of a hero.

The event was supposed to raise funds for a local dog shelter, Zimmerman says. (Wha--??) About 200 people showed up. I guess that means there are 200 people in Florida and its environs who like Zimmerman enough to show up for his autograph. I'm a little worried about those 200 people. I hope they have other, more worthy heroes.

Zimmerman also says he's still carrying a gun and wearing a bullet-proof vest for safety. But not for his own personal safety! He's thinking about the people around him.

I walk around armed; I walk around with a bullet proof vest; it's not so much for my safety as it is so much for those around me. I can be around my family and something might happen to them. There's children around me, etc. Those threats… I have to be able to defend myself like any American.

Right, if there's one thing that will protect the children who stand near Zimmerman, it's a bullet-proof vest around Zimmerman's body. There are so many children around Zimmerman, living in fear for their lives. Thank goodness Zimmerman is protecting them. With his bullet-proof vest.

Did I mention he still doesn't understand why people are still so mad at him? "No I don't, but I'm willing to talk to everyone and try and answer their concerns or questions, and [have] them realize there's no need to be angry." Okay, sure George. We should sit down for some coffee and crazy pills and talk about why there's ABSOLUTELY no reason for anyone to be angry with you. Sure.

There's another part in the interview where Zimmerman talks about the portrait of State Attorney Angela Corey. And you know what? I give up. There is too much George Zimmerman in George Zimmerman.

Honestly, we could spend all day talking about the loony/dumb things Zimmerman says. The point is, I have no idea why anyone in the gun industry would want him anywhere near their event. He doesn't make gun ownership look good -- at all. When is he going away, finally?

FOX 35 News Orlando

Do you think George Zimmerman is a good spokesman for anything, or should he just stay under the radar?


Image via Fox 35

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