2 Boys Charged With Killing Classmate Make Chilling Admission to Police

Ivan Mejia This one will make your skin crawl. Two Texas teenagers were recently arrested. They are alleged to have been involved in the murder of a fellow classmate, 17 year-old Ivan Mejia. The suspects were picked up, when an area motorist reported a car driving erratically down the street. When officers reported to investigate, they found the car abandoned and the two teenage suspects fleeing on foot.

When the arresting officer asked what they had been doing, one responded with words that were absolutely chilling. "We were burying a body," said one of the underage defendants. True enough, when officers investigated this claim, they found Mejia's remains not far from the road. Police are saying that his death was premeditated, though a motive for it is not currently known -- or at least, not currently being released. 


Murder is always hard, if not impossible, to understand. What could drive anyone to such extremes of emotion? How could someone take the life of another? When children are involved as both victims and suspected perpetrators it is that much more harrowing. What could have possibly driven the boys arrested to take the life of Mejia? He is reported as being well-liked, smart, and kind. He was passionate about his involvement with ROTC, and dreamed of joining the Marines. Ugh, it's just so sad. 

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Police report that Mejia was killed behind the school all three parties attended together. His body was then driven to another location to be buried. To make an already chilling story that much more upsetting, this isn't the first time murder has impacted this high school community. In 2012, a 14 year-old friend of Mejia's was shot and killed by another classmate. How awful that this sort of tragedy can strike the same place twice. Our thoughts are with his family at this time. 

Do you think there's anything the school could have done to prevent these crimes? I feel like it was well out of their hands. 


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