Woman's Finger Bitten Off for 'Stealing' Parking Space

fingersAdmit it. You've gotten a mild (or not so mild) case of road rage before. Someone cut you off, or drove one mile an hour in front of you when you had somewhere super important to be, and you felt like losing it. Only you didn't. Because there's a big difference between people who want to punch another person in the face, and people who actually do.

Tonya Knight-Joseph was driving in the parking lot of a mall of Cherry Hill, New Jersey when two woman approached her after accusing her of stealing their spot. "She got this close to my face, her nose touched my nose. She was yelling and screaming then she hit me in the face," Knight-Joseph said. Knight-Joseph claims she was then scratched in the face, so she put up her hands in defense. And that's when her finger was bitten off.


"All of a sudden, I must have been pushing the initial attacker away and she bit down on my finger and proceeded to chomp. By the time I looked at it, it was hanging off by a little piece of skin. I immediately picked up my cell, called 911 and followed her into the Nordstrom's," said Knight-Joseph. Police are currently looking for the woman who managed to get away. She's been described as a black female in her mid-thirties, heavy set build with "bushy" hair, possibly operating a dark colored, older model Audi sedan.

Wow. Like I said, we've all experienced our share of driving frustrations, but when we hear stories like this, it's a reminder that we really have no clue who we're dealing with. I mean, who would ever in a million years think they would get their finger bit off for taking someone's spot? Or shot for cutting someone off? It truly is terrifying what some people walking around freely are capable of.

Hopefully, police will catch the person who did this and justice will be served. And maybe we should all think twice before tossing someone a dirty look because they just did something really obnoxious on the road.

Have you ever been involved in any sort of road rage incident?


Image via Alisha Vargas/Flickr

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