Scorned Wife's X-Rated Revenge on the Other Woman Gets Her Arrested

Taking revenge on the woman sleeping with your man is one of the world's oldest pastimes, but unfortunately it usually doesn't end well for the vengeful wife. Remember the microbiologist who smeared chemicals on her rival's mailbox? Yeah, she was sent to prison for six years. Then there was the astronaut who tried to kidnap her boyfriend's new girlfriend. That didn't work out so well either -- now everyone knows her as that "diaper-wearing astronaut."

But the temptation to shame a homewrecker just remains too much for a lot of women. Such as the woman in Middletown, Ohio, who plastered a Walmart with photos of an employee who just happened to be having an affair with her husband. Oh, and the photos were of her and the woman's husband having sex.


The photos, which were captioned "Hide your husbands," reportedly showed the woman's husband and his mistress getting it on. How she got those photos is anyone's guess. Set up a hidden camera? Found them on her husband's phone?

Reportedly, the woman, 45-year-old Beverly Rolston, then decided to print them out and hang them all over the Walmart where the Other Woman worked -- right where anyone, including children, could see them.

Rolston was charged with "pandering obscenities."

Now I totally get where the wife is coming from. She wants revenge on the bitch who has supposedly been banging her husband for a year. Or at least to shame her a little. Or at least to warn other women to "hide" their husbands.

On the other hand, what about the husband? Did she do anything to him? Did she go to his place of business and try to ruin his job? Probably not. Because she probably wants to stay with him and doesn't want him losing his job. Which seems unfair, given it was the husband who made marriage vows.

Also, Rolston told police they had been having an affair for a YEAR. That is more than enough time to realize that your husband isn't changing and to get out of the marriage. Let the courts work it out.

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And can we just say that no one wants to see your husband's wang -- except you and his mistress? Certainly children don't.

So, lesson, if you want to get revenge, keep it classy, like the woman who ran a "congratulations" ad for her husband and his pregnant mistress. Often the best revenge on a homewrecking woman is to let her have your cheating husband. He'll be her problem now!

Should women try to get revenge on the other woman?


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