Mom Who Drove Kids Into Ocean Worried Family With Talk of 'Demons'

minimomMore details are coming to light about the pregnant mother who drove her minivan into the ocean, nearly drowning her children. The woman in question, Ebony Wilkerson, was battling major demons that drove her to attempt this heinous act. To make matters even more jarring, it appears that the police pulled Wilkerson over hours before she attempted to end the lives of her children.

They let her go on her way, but the officer who pulled her over reported that she seemed to be in a real daze. That said, he had no legitimate reason to hold her. This was a decision I'm sure he regrets now.

Now her sister is speaking out, saying that Wilkerson was in mental anguish in the days leading up to her attempt at ending it all. She spoke at length, in a rambling way, about Jesus and the 'demons' who lived in her house. Her sister also shared some insight into the fear that was driving Wilkerson.


It seems as though the troubled Wilkerson was deathly afraid of her ex-husband. She told officers that she was trying to get somewhere "safe," where her ex couldn't find her.

She claims she didn't mean to harm the children but was simply trying to protect them. Sadly, it sounds like she's the one whom they need protecting from. The children are to be temporarily placed into foster care.

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While it's hard to sympathize with anyone who tries to cause harm to a child, it's clear that Wilkerson was in utter agony. Thank god all of them (and her unborn baby) emerged from this physically unharmed.

Hopefully they can all move on and her children can heal from this. Wilkerson will now hopefully also be given the help she needs in order to sort out the mental health issues that seem to be plaguing her.

Do you think this awful act was a cry for help?

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