Middle School Teacher Accused of Having Sex With Student

sharon hoskisonAnother grossly inappropriate relationship between a teacher and a student may have been exposed. Texas school teacher Sharon Lynn Hoskison is accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a student. She turned herself in after police issued a warrant for her arrest. Hoskison taught eighth-grade social studies. She's now on administrative leave. The student is 17 years old. 


That last detail is a little surprising -- 17 would ordinarily be too old for a middle school student, but then we don't know if this was Hoskison's student or a student at a different school. At least the student wasn't 12 or 14 -- and hopefully the student wasn't Hoskison's. In Texas, 17 is the legal age of consent, but there's also a law of age differential -- the people in question must be within three years of each other.

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It still appears to be a sad case of exploitation. Hoskison is 39 years old and in a position of authority. Any teacher should know better than to get involved with a student, even if the person isn't their student and even if they are of age. There's a reason why the age differential law exists.

The school where Hoskison taught, Evans Middle School, sent a letter to school parents. "The district is currently working with the McKinney Police Department and will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law," Principal Todd Young writes. "Please know that we take these matters very seriously and student safety is our top priority."

How would you feel if your student attended Evans Middle School and you'd just heard this news?


Image via McKinney Police Department

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