Couple Accused of Abandoning Their 3 Kids in the Woods (VIDEO)

michael sarah butcherWhat will become of these abandoned siblings? A Florida couple was arrested after abandoning their three children in the woods, according to police. When Michael and Sarah Butcher were caught parking their truck illegally, they told authorities they were brother and sister. After they were put in jail, police discovered three children ages 6, 8, and 10 wandering alone in the woods -- claiming to be the offspring of Sarah and Michael. According to the police report, they were "very dirty, hungry, and cold." Two were without shoes.


Police found drug paraphernalia and crystal meth in the Butchers' truck glove compartment. And they found a baggie of crystal meth in one of Michael's pockets. The children say their parents dropped them off in an area where they often go camping to play -- and then drove off. We can only hope the couple had every intention of returning for their children at some point, but who knows?

The story reminded me of a modern-day version of Hansel and Gretel. As a child, I thought it sounded cruel that parents could just leave their children on their own like that, to fend for themselves. Unfortunately, some parents do that very thing. The Butcher children are with Florida's Department of Children and Families. Who knows if they'll ever be under their parents' care again.

What if the siblings end up getting separated in the foster system? It's terribly sad. Crystal meth is cruel to its users, but it's cruel to the family of users as well. At least the children were taken from their parents before anything worse happened to them.

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What do you think will happen to the three children?


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