6-Year-Old Girl Rescued From Revolting Home Overrun by Animals

Sarah & Robert Veazey
Sarah & Robert Veazey
As far as child abuse goes, this is pretty bad. A poor 6-year-old was found residing in living conditions so abhorrent that the mother and grandfather who were living there with the child were immediately arrested. Ready to have your stomach turned? There was no running water in the home for 30 days; there were 14 animals (12 cats, 2 dogs) who were allowed to urinate and defecate wherever they wanted to inside; the toilet was overflowing with feces; there were rodents crawling around in the ceiling; and the house had sagging floors. 

This isn't even an appropriate state for the cats and dogs to live in, never mind the child! Thank goodness police were called and the kid is out of there. But how did it take this long?


Cops were called after Sarah Veazey, 38, Robert Veazey, 62, had some sort of dispute with their neighbors, and when police entered their home, they were each arrested and charged with child cruelty in the first degree. But a neighbor of the Veazeys (it's not known if it's the same neighbor who was involved in the dispute) said that they've been living next door to them for four years and never had an inkling that anything was wrong. How could this be?! Wouldn't there be some kind of clue somewhere that would indicate something wasn't right in the Veazey house? It's sickening to think that an innocent child lived here for so long. I mean, there was no running water for at least 30 days! So, on top of living in a literal pile of sh*t, she couldn't even be bathed. Heartbreaking.

There is a silver lining, though. The child has been removed from this hell hole and placed in protective custody. Thank goodness. Hopefully, this little girl will never, ever go back to living in such conditions; and hopefully her mother and grandfather will pay for their highly irresponsible, disgusting behavior. If they want to live like this, it's one thing. But don't drag a child into it.

What do you think an appropriate punishment would be for the Veazeys?

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