Brother & Sister Charged With Incest After Making Out in Front of Police

Word to the wise: If you're in a jail cell, that might not be the time to start making out with the person in the cell next to you. Especially if that person is your sibling. Charlene Ellet and Cameron Beck of Texas learned that the hard way when the pair were arrested after Ellet was allegedly caught stealing in a Wal-Mart and then police reportedly found meth in Beck's car. The two were hauled off to the pokey. But their passion got the best of them and the siblings locked lips through the cell bars. Upon being confronted by police, the half-siblings, who share the same mother, confessed they were in a sexual relationship. Both were promptly charged with incest. Way to jump from the frying pan into the fire!


It all started when police were called to a Texas Wal-Mart where Ellet was accused of shoplifting. Police then turned their attention to Beck, who had driven Ellet and her 2-year-old twins to the store. They reportedly found traces of the drug meth in his car.

Upon being put into holding cells in a Montgomery County jail, the amorous siblings decided to indulge in a little tonsil hockey. Ellet didn't even seem to mind that her half-brother had reportedly tried to get the police to arrest just her and let him go.

Spotting the pair making out, police asked them about their relationship. They admitted they'd been in a sexual one for months.

The two share a mom, but apparently Ellet was "adopted." It's unclear if that means she was adopted by the mother -- making her and Beck unrelated by blood -- or if she had been adopted by another family when she was young. (Either scenario would still make a relationship between the two illegal in this Texas town.) Either way, the love birds met while Beck was in prison and the two began writing each other.

Ellet admitted that her twins stayed in the same room with them while the two had sex -- but they were behind a partition. Well, thank goodness for that. (Sarcasm.)

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After hearing the story of the siblings' romance, they were placed under arrest for "prohibited sexual contact." Moral of the story: If you have to make out with your sibling, at least don't do it while you're already in jail.

The twins have been removed and placed with Ellet's sister. And that's the good part of this story.

Speechless? Should these two have been charged?

Image via Montgomery County Police

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