Mom Accused of Hiring Strangers to Kidnap Her Baby in Exchange for a Car

Elise DeboutezSeeing your ex get full custody of your child might be one of the toughest things a mom could face. But there's a right way to respond to such an obstacle ... and then there's hiring two guys to kidnap your daughter. Any guesses which route a Missouri mom facing a host of criminal charges is accused of taking?

Cops say Elise Deboutez met two men at a party and offered them her car if they'd kidnap her 1-year-old back from her father, who'd been awarded emergency temporary custody of the little girl two months prior. What happened next is downright terrifying.


The little girl's dad, Christopher “Chad” Hamilton, told police he was home with his daughter when two men broke into his home. Hiding in a bedroom with his little girl with the door shut, Hamilton told police he heard two shots go off in the house! Ron N. King, 21, and Tayvon D. Smith, 22, were later arrested, and King allegedly admitted to police that Smith fired off the shots and that he also tried to fire into the bedroom where the dad and girl were hiding but his weapon malfunctioned.

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I hate to play the "shoulda, coulda, woulda" game here, but it's not hard to imagine what could have happened. Two guys firing at random into a bedroom where two people are hiding? Someone could easily have been hurt ... or worse.

And this somehow seemed like a good way to get a kid back? By putting her in mortal danger?

Come on!

Clearly an attempted kidnapping is never the way to regain custody of child, but when you see moms or dads who grab the kids themselves because they're just so desperate to see their children, at least a little bit of your heart is with them. You get that they're making bad choices but it's for the right reasons.

This? This was just a plain bad choice. You don't put your child's life in someone else's hands, least of all two guys you just met who are willing to commit a felony in exchange for your old Audi!

Think about it ... would you let someone like that around your kid, period? What kind of value could they possibly put on your child's life?

Deboutez is now facing seven felony charges including single counts of attempted child kidnapping and burglary, two counts of first-degree assault and three counts of armed criminal action.

If she's guilty, what should the punishment be?


Images via Jasper County Sheriff

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