Dad Jailed for Threatening to Bomb Concert Says He Was 'Victim of Teenage Rage'

One Direction tour We all know that teenagers can be difficult to live with -- especially when they aren't getting their way. But that doesn't mean we move heaven and earth to give them everything they want regardless of the consequences. But one dad by the name of William Klein apparently didn't get this message. When he couldn't get his daughters tickets to a sold-out One Direction show, he threatened to blow up the band!

A judge just decided he'll be spending eight months in jail thanks to his violent stupidity. But Klein doesn't blame himself -- nor does he blame One Direction. Instead he blames ... his teenagers! That's right, Klein claims his daughters left him no choice. It was threaten the band or remain the victim of "uncontrolled teenage rage." Excuse me, I have to go LOL all the LOLs now.


You know who probably isn't LOL'ing? The members of One Direction who are probably still in shock that some stressed out dad had plans to blow them all sky high. The judge was absolutely right to give this guy jail-time, even if he was all talk. You can't go around threatening to do harm to others and think there aren't going to be any consequences for your actions.

It's particularly shameful that this guy thought that fobbing off responsibility for his actions onto his bratty kids was going to win him points with the judge. Hopefully the time he spends locked up will give him the time to get the mental help he needs or, at the very least, rearrange his totally out-there priorities.

Do you think he was given the right punishment for his crimes?


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