Mom Who Lit Fireworks in Car With Kids Inside May Have Been Seeking Revenge

Kara Koriath
Kara Koriath
A 45-year-old mother in St. Louis is facing felony assault charges after she allegedly lit fireworks in her moving car ... with her two teenage sons inside. According to reports, Kara Koriath was attempting to take her own life after a married lover of hers wouldn't leave his wife. She reportedly lit numerous packages of fireworks, fuses, mortar shells, and lighter fluid inside her vehicle. Her children are okay but suffered smoke inhalation and burns. Koriath has been charged with two counts of first-degree assault.


According to cellphone documents obtained by the court, Koriath gave her lover an ultimatum to leave his wife, and he refused. After that, she sent a barrage of "goodbye texts," including one that read, "I will haunt you every day for the rest of your life." Then, the next morning, Koriath woke her two sons up and told them they needed to get in the car to get to the hospital because their grandmother was having a heart attack. Lo and behold, that wasn't the case at all, and Koriath began igniting the fireworks, which eventually caused her car to become engulfed in flames. She lost control of the car and crashed it on the side of the road. After the fact, investigators found after-death instructions, a will, suicide letters, and a recently purchased life-insurance policy.

It's incredibly heartbreaking that Koriath thought that this was the only way out from her pain. Clearly, she is someone who is very ill and needs serious professional help. But what's even more disturbing is that she brought her two innocent kids into this with her. I'm assuming she wasn't thinking clearly, but they should have never been in that vehicle with her. They had nothing to do with their mother's relationship with her ex. Thank goodness they're okay.

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