Pregnant College Student's Murder Has Eerie Similarity to Her Thesis

Loretta SaundersDoes life imitate art or is it the other way around? It's a question as old as time and one that certainly applies in the tragic death of a pregnant college student this week. Loretta Saunders went missing two weeks ago when she went to collect rent from some troublesome tenants. The 26-year-old criminology major had moved in with her boyfriend and was renting out her old place to help cover the cost of getting her degree.

But that visit to get her money may well have cost the college student her life. Her body has been found some 450 miles from her home in Canada.

It's sad. It's tragic. And when you consider the subject of Saunders' thesis, it's particularly chilling.


You see, Saunders was studying missing and murdered Aboriginal women as she pursued a degree at St. Mary's University.

Did the little hairs on the back of your neck just stand up?

I'll go a little further. Saunders was Inuit, and Inuk people represent about 4 percent of the total Aboriginal population in Canada. She was, quite literally, studying her own end ... only she didn't know it.

Now, of course this is not why she died -- she died because some sicko (or sickos) decided to kill a woman who was three months pregnant and abandon her body on the side of a highway. (Cops have arrested her tenants, Victoria Henneberry, 28, and her boyfriend, 25-year-old Blake Leggette, for allegedly stealing Saunders' car, but as yet they have not been identified as suspects in the pregnant woman's death.)

But it certainly drives home why her work was so important, doesn't it?

Our hearts go out to her family at this tough time. Hopefully her killers are brought to justice soon.

What do you make of the way Saunders' life work is tied to her life's end?


Image via Help Find Loretta

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