Nursing Home Blames Rape on 89-Year-Old Woman Who Was a 'Flirt'

wheelchairThis story is just truly horrific. An 89-year-old woman in the early stages of dementia was raped by the man assigned to care for her in her nursing home. The truly awful part (though it's all awful) is what happened next. While her claims were investigated, she was locked in a psych ward for three days while administrators tried to downplay the crime. Thankfully the police, summoned by the victim's fraught daughter, had no time for their deception. 

The way the nursing home lied, manipulated, and tried to cover up the rape was appalling. Administrators called the victim a "flirt" and implied that the whole ordeal was something she had consented to. Truly outrageous. Even more so because the man responsible for assaulting her CONFESSED to doing just that! Even in light of this confession, the nursing home still did everything it could to save its own neck at the cost of the well-being of one of its residents.


What slays me the most about this story is just how damaging it was to the victim. The doctor who attended to her said the lacerations left after the rape were among the worst seen in years. Once the victim was back in the nursing home, she was placed in the same room where the attack had occurred. This left her so panicked, she moved her furniture in front of the door for protection.

The woman already had to deal with so much -- it's unthinkable that she'd have to deal with this amount of fallout as well. This sort of news definitely calls into question how nursing homes are run, and the sort of background checks (or lack thereof) the employees they hire must go through. As our parents get older and we are looking for the best way of providing them care, the quality of life at places like this is something we'll all have to research. The fact that something this terrifying can happen at a place meant to be keeping our elderly loved ones safe is truly disgusting.

Have you had a negative experience with a nursing home?


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