Teens Charged With Torturing & Carving Hateful Symbol Into Boy's Forehead

Three teenagers in Portland are being charged as adults for allegedly committing a heinous crime against a classmate. They are being accused of beating the snot out of a classmate with a crowbar, shooting him with a BB gun, and then just to ad insult to injury -- carving a swastika into the boy’s forehead with a box cutter.

Holy. Crap. The incident took place on February 10, and now the perpetrators are being held on charges of kidnapping, robbery, assault, and menacing. A fourth teenager, a 14-year-old, is being charged as a juvenile. Bail is set at $3 million.


The victim was apparently perceived as a bully by his attackers, who supposedly sought revenge after the 16-year-old called a friend of their “gay” on Facebook.

Jenna Montgomery, 15, told police that she was the bait, and that she lured Dustyn Murrain to a shed with promises of drugs and sex. Instead, 15-year-old Blue Christian Kalmbach, 17-year-old Jess Taylor, and the aforementioned 14-year-old lay in wait to attack.

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Murrain said that as he entered, he was struck in the back of the head with a crowbar, and was then shot in the hand, chest, and groin with a BB gun. Also the swastika carving. According to the victim, they then stole his iPod and demanded that he retrieve his skateboard and some money for them. Instead, he escaped.

Only time will tell if the swastika will turn into a scar, which is currently healing under a silicon patch. But the emotional trauma of it all isn’t likely to go away anytime soon. Kelli Murrain, the victim’s mother, said:

"He's been severely traumatized not just physically, but emotionally … it's something he's gonna live with forever, especially if the scar of (a) swastika doesn't go away. Every time he looks in the mirror he's gonna have that memory."

Fellow students at David Douglas High School are all blown away by the viciousness of the attack. Senior Mark Collins said, "I just think the whole idea is just messed up … why would you do that to someone? Especially with a crowbar and BB gun."

Do you think the teens should be charged as adults?

Image via Steven Depolo/Flickr

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