If You Thought White & Black ‘Criminals’ Are Treated the Same, Think Again (VIDEO)

car thiefI love it when people say, "I don't see race" or "I'm truly colorblind when it comes to people." The reason I am so intrigued by those statements? They are incredibly delusional. Most of us don't want to have any subconscious bias, but it happens whether we intend it or not. This video is the perfect example of that. See how people react when a white guy and a black guy try to break into a car. The difference reveals just how race affects our actions.


This clip may not come as a huge surprise to many readers. A lot of us are well aware of the racism that still exists. But this video experiment, conducted by Simple Misfits, touches on a more nuanced issue. Some will say that black people statistically commit more crimes and that's why they draw more suspicion. But it's clear that both men are trying to steal the car. So this is about how two people who are committing the same crime can be treated differently -- by passersby and even the cops. Take a look.

Interestingly, Business Insider reported that in 2011, 64 percent of car thefts were committed by white people and 34 percent were committed by blacks.

If it were not because of race, why were these men treated so differently? It's incredible that time after time, the white man was left to his criminal activity, even when people noticed what he was doing. Why would they let anyone get away with that crime? The black guy, however, drew stares, crowds, and aggressive cops. That's just not right.

Do you think race played into how differently these "car thieves" were treated?


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