Decorated War Vet & 'Wonderful' Father Arrested for Beating Death of 3-Year-Old Son

A veteran and NSA agent is accused of beating his adopted 3-year-old son to death. The absolutely horrible allegations say that 36-year-old Brian Patrick O'Callaghan, a former Marine who served in Iraq, brutally beat young Hyunsu (called "Madoc"), who was adopted from South Korea, while his wife was out of town.

The accusations couldn't be more chilling. Police have charged O'Callaghan with first-degree murder and child abuse after Madoc was found "beaten from head to toe," says the Assistant District Attorney. Madoc had tragically only been in the country for about five months.


The boy was brought to the hospital after O'Callaghan says he found that he had slipped backwards in the shower and hit his shoulder. O'Callaghan says he put him down for a nap, but later there was mucus coming out of his nose and the boy began vomiting.

Hospital workers alerted authorities after believing the boy showed signs of having been beaten. He died and an autopsy reportedly showed fractures at the base of his skull, bruises to the skull, and many other injuries.

The man's lawyer insists that he did not commit this disgusting crime -- and that there is no history of abuse with his other son, who is 7 years old. He calls the charges "unfounded" and says the injuries mentioned in police documents are untrue.

He also says that O'Callaghan's family is standing behind him. I assume this must mean his wife too. What must it be like for the wife to go out of town, leave her newly arrived son with her husband, and come home to find this?!

"He's worked so hard to get this baby," said O’Callaghan’s grandfather, refusing to believe the charges.

We don't know exactly what happened, but police must feel they have a solid case or there wouldn't have been an arrest. To think that this poor little boy, who had such a hard life before he came to the U.S., finally gets here, and then meets his fate in this way ... it's just horrific.

Could this former Marine be capable of this? He is certainly denying it through this lawyer. But what happened? Why would a 3-year-old be alone in a shower? Why would he put him down for a nap when he'd received injuries of this caliber?

Unfortunately, we all know that child abuse occurs at all levels of society. Those who are better off and who have served our country are not necessarily people incapable of harming children. But did he? That's for a jury to decide.

What do you think happened?


Image via Damascus Police

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