Woman Fakes Daytime Rape to Get Out of Work

A Florida woman did the unimaginable in order to get herself out of work: she faked her own rape. Alexandra Westover, who is 21, decided to play hooky from work at her great-uncle's house -- it's unclear what line of employment she was in, exactly. Of course, she needed a good excuse, and instead of saying she was sick or had car trouble or, oh I don't know, using any of 100 sane fake excuses, she concocted an entire story about being raped in broad daylight. And now she's in big, big trouble for it.


Alexandra told cops she got a flat tire early in the morning, presumably while driving to work, and that she pulled over to the side of the road. She then claimed a Caucasian man in a white car stopped to help her and requested a sharp object he could use to loosen the hubcap. She says she opened her passenger door and that was when the man pushed her into her car and sexually assaulted her in the front seat.

Police took her claims very seriously and spent days investigating them. They admit they were suspicious after reviewing video footage on the turnpike and not spotting the woman's vehicle anywhere, but I guess they didn't expect to find out the entire story was a lie, so they continued to waste valuable time and resources on her "case."

Alexandra's father called the cops and told them his daughter had confessed to making up the tale because she had skipped work and didn't want to get in trouble. She has since been charged with a misdemeanor perjury count and of falsely reporting a crime.

Oh my lord, what was this woman thinking? i'm guessing she didn't know there are cameras EVERYWHERE or that she would be interrogated so many times it would be pretty much impossible for most people to keep going with a false story. Now, instead of worrying about getting in trouble for skipping work for one day, she's going to have to deal with future employers potentially finding out that she make up a lie about rape to, do what? Sleep a little later in the morning? Go shopping?

Let's hope Alexandra has learned a valuable lesson from the mess she created. A suitable punishment for her actions -- perhaps even more so than serving jail time or paying a fine -- would be to make her volunteer at a women's shelter and interact with women who have actually been victims of horrific sex crimes.

Have you ever lied to get out of working?


Image via Gavin St. Ours/Flickr

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