Woman Convicted of Murdering Pregnant Friend for Her Baby Thinks She Should Get Off

gavelFour years ago a woman did the unthinkable to steal an unborn baby and claim her as her own. Yesterday a court found Julie Corey guilty of murder for killing her pregnant friend and then cutting her baby out of her abdomen. Darlene Haynes was eight months pregnant when Corey attacked her and then tried to pass the baby off to her boyfriend as her own. Corey wept when she heard the verdict and became so distraught she had to be removed from court.

Her lawyer told reporters, "She faced the somber realization that she will spend the rest of her life in prison."


Prosecutors say Corey killed her friend by hitting her over the head repeatedly and then strangling her with an electrical cord. At least she waited until her friend was dead before she removed the baby -- in the most horrifying manner. But the woman pleaded not guilty, and her lawyers say they will appeal the conviction. She faces life in prison without parole.

Corey's lawyers tried to implicate Hynes' ex-boyfriend in the murder -- they told the court that he was the one who gave the baby to Corey and her boyfriend, Alex Dion. And they said police failed to follow up on leads linking the murder to the man. The baby is now a 4-year-old girl and lives with her biological father.

Next week Corey will be sentenced. Will she keep fighting? Will she really appeal this conviction? It seems incredible that she would, but she seems convinced of her innocence. I guess we'll see when she faces the court next week.

Can you imagine the mind set someone would have to be in to kill a pregnant woman and remove the baby?


Image via Chris Potter/Flickr

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