Mom Finds Naked 34-Year-Old in Teen Son's Room & Someone Gets Hurt

keri gonzalez mugshotAre the pickins really that slim when it comes to finding Mr. Right? It seems one woman was so desperate for love, she bed her friends's 15-year-old son. She may have gotten away with it if she had been quieter during coitus. The mother reportedly hear a "knocking sound" coming from her kid's room and went to investigate. Needless to say, she was confronted with a totally unexpected scene. Her pal fleeing the seen of her alleged sex crime. But she didn't get away scot-free.


She went to check out what was going on in her son's room at about 2 am. When he opened the door, she saw a naked woman crouched on the floor. It happened to be Keri Gonzalez, a woman she knows.

She got dressed and jumped out the window. Seriously. She jumped out the damn window hoping to avoid being recognized. During her escape from the boy's second floor bedroom, she broke her ankle. Sounds like a scene out of some silly, sexed-up rom-com, doesn't it?

Though injured, she continued to limp down the street. Police tracked her down the next day and the investigation unearthed more seedy details. She allegedly came over with alcohol after his mother went to bed. They even had sex twice before she awoke. Gonzalez was charged with sexual misconduct with a minor.

Ridicuous. Parents should be able to trust their friends around their teenage boys. But sadly, this kind of story has become common place. There have been too many illegal romances to count between students and teachers. God knows how many are going on between neighbors and teens under an unsuspecting parents nose. It's really shameful. And scary. We should be able to expect the adults in our lives to know better.

Why do you think there are so many cases of women have "romances" with teenage boys these days?

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