Teen Boys Accused of Killing Girl May Have Been Trying To Please Satan

killer?It used to be that peer pressure meant one kid convincing another to cut school or smoke. Not so anymore. It seems that some teens are taking their influence over others to a scary and depraved new level. In Texas, a 17-year-old is accused of convincing his 16-year-old friend to help him kill a 15-year-old girl so they could sell their souls to Satan. Scared yet? Wait, it gets worse.


The details of their alleged crime are beyond frightening. And get this -- they were friends with the girl that they are accused of torturing, raping, and murdering. The three were all students at the same high school.

Police say that Jose Reyes and his friend, who has not been identified, are charged with capital murder in the death of Corriann Cervantes. According to the investigation, the girls body was found in a vacant apartment by neighbors who noticed the door was ajar. She was sexually assaulted, had an upside down crucifix carved on her stomach, stabbed her head with a screw driver, and ultimately beaten to death to an ashtray and toilet lid. Her body was also surrounded by religious cult items. Just chilling.

He allegedly confessed that they sexually assaulted her to a family member who then called police to turn him in. The boys apparently committed the sadistic crime because of a sick obsession with Satan. Reyes supposedly told his younger friend that he had already sold his soul to the devil and convinced his younger friend that if they killed the girl, he could sell his soul too.

What in the world did they hope to gain from selling their souls to Satan? If this is true, these boys are very, very sick. What's especially disturbing was the moment Reyes smiled at the cameras during his court appearance.  It almost looked as if her was proud of himself.  And the fact they there are so young makes this a particularly terrifying crime. We often have a vision of what these kinds of monsters look like and it's rarely a couple of skinny high school kids.

But in this day and age, it's obvious that we should be leery, if not fearful, of just about everyone. Our heart goes out to Corriann's poor family. To know their child died this way is beyond horrific.

What's the most frightening crime you've ever heard of a teen committing?


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