Man Who Raped & Killed 4 Boys Goes Free

Citizens in Poland are furious after a four-time pedophile serial killer is going to be let loose in their midst. The man, only known as Mariusz T. under Poland's privacy laws, had his sentence commuted to 25 years for some reason and is reportedly set to be let back onto the streets. Can you imagine?! The man was convicted of raping and murdering four little boys -- and now gets his freedom and his privacy!


Raping and killing four kids isn't an accident! This is a serial killer with some kind of a brain flaw that makes him a born killer. I doubt very much he has changed. If he manages to not kill anyone, he'll probably figure out a way to do some other criminal behavior.

We have heard of people committing heinous crimes who were set free and then never committed them again (at least haven't so far). There was James St. James, the professor who killed his mother, father, and sister when he was 17, was set free, and went on to become a well-liked university professor.

There's Canadian serial killer Karla Homolka, who helped her boyfriend kill her sister and two teenage girls. Karla is now apparently a mom of three and living on the island of Guadeloupe.

But even these two had an "excuse" -- they were both teens when they committed their heinous crimes. Do not know what Mariusz T.'s excuse is. He may have served his time -- not enough time, if you ask me -- but apparently enough by Poland's legal system's standards. Still, doesn't society have a right to be warned of and protected against such people? I believe so. I believe when you commit these kinds of heinous crimes against society, society has a right to know about you. You have forfeited your right to safety and privacy.

Mariusz T. should have a bright and large tattoo on his nose and forehead and hands and feet so that people can identify him. This doesn't give people the right to harass him, but it does give them the right to know what this person did and therefore not get involved with him.

Meanwhile, he will at least be under police surveillance (supposedly). But would you trust that?

Do you think people have a right to know who he is? Or did he serve his time?


Image via Alan Cleaver/Flickr

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