New Dad Arrested for Illegal 'Celebration' in Maternity Ward

Impending parenthood can be pretty scary for some guys, especially when your baby mama is in labor and there’s nothing you can really do except hold her hand and/or pace the halls.

One man in Florida recently attempted to calm his nerves by taking a few hits of weed in the maternity ward where his lady had been admitted to birth their child. David Bastin was caught at Martin Medical Center earlier this month after a nurse smelled a “whiff of spliff.”


Man, what happened to good old cigars to celebrate the birth of your child? I guess why smoke a stogie when you can drag a doobie? Le sigh.

According to the police report:

Officer Cernuto asked the defendant to make this simple and hand me the cannabis. The defendant reached in his right pocket and handed Officer Cernuto a black oblong device that the defendant called a vaporizer. Officer Cernuto opened the device and there was a green leafy substance that I know from my training and experience to be raw cannabis.

Dude. Just because marijuana has become more mainstream doesn’t mean you’re supposed to light up in the freaking maternity ward. I doubt you’re even supposed to do that in Colorado, where recreational pot use is now legal.

Bastin was booked on a $1,500 bond and charged with possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. No word on whether this incident will make it into the new baby’s official birth story.

What’s the dumbest thing you’ve heard of a new dad doing upon the birth of his child?

Image via Torben Hansen/Flickr

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