Drunk Woman Arrested on Plane for Aggressive Flirting With Passenger (VIDEO)

passengerIt seems like there is always some kind of over-the-top drama with the airlines these days. If it's not thousands of delays (thank you polar vortex) or some star who gets into a spat with a flight attendant (that would be you, Alec Baldwin), then it's regular folks causing a scene. The latest? It's almost too ridiculous to believe. A drunken Delta passenger went ballistic after a fellow traveler rebuffed her sexual advances. And it's all caught on video!


On the flight bound for Salt Lake City, the incredibly intoxicated woman was heard throwing death threats at the person who turned down her come-on. She became so incensed when the guy refused her, she raised her hand to strike him.

One of the recordings of the incident reveals how she repeatedly threatened to "f---ing kill" him, and people reported that she was even "grabbing at passengers" on the plane. She didn't stop her crazed rant when the pilot announced that he would be diverting the plane and landing in Minneapolis-Saint Paul Airport so he could get her off his aircraft, and she was taken to the hospital.

It was actually pretty terrifying. Can you imagine minding your own business, settling in for a long flight, and some blitzed, aggressive person comes on to you and then threatens your life when you rebuff them? Once the plane was on the ground, agents boarded, handcuffed her, and took her away.

This is the reason they SHOULD stop serving alcohol on planes. Okay, that may be going too far. Why should the rest of us suffer because of a few loonies, right? Perhaps they should impose a three-mini-bottle limit. This woman went bonkers. Why in the world didn't they cut her off sooner? I just feel sorry for her poor victim. Isn’t this some kind of sexual harassment? Well, it certainly is a flight he will never forget.

Do you think alcohol should be served on planes?

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