Mom Lets Boyfriend Who Molested Her Children Move Back In With Them (VIDEO)

Imagine you found out your boyfriend had molested your two young daughters. But he is put in prison over the charges. Thank goodness! Now you can get on with the business of helping your children heal, helping yourself heal, and never seeing that lowdown dirty scumbag ever again ... until he is released from prison and you let him move back in! That is the unbelievably sordid allegation against 31-year-old mother of two Darrika Driver, who reportedly let her 22-year-old boyfriend, Natavious Akeem Mays, move back into the house with her 12- and 14-year-old daughters -- you know, the ones he'd done time in prison for molesting!


Not only did she reportedly let Mays move back into the house, but she lied to police about it.

And then Mays allegedly went on to do what he'd already done before -- sexually assault her 14-year-old daughter. Only now he allegedly recorded it on his cellphone.

This time, police arrested not only Mays, but the mom too! Good!

As a mother, you're supposed to protect your kids, not invite monsters into your home to molest them. How infuriating that this mom chose her boyfriend over her children.

Unfortunately, Driver probably grew up believing she was completely worthless without a man -- no matter how terrible he is. And he probably made her a bunch of teary promises about how he would never do that again.

However, it's the kids who suffered. They will forever live with the knowledge that their mother was too weak to do without a man, even one who was dangerous to them. A neighbor described the mom as being "stupid in love." Yes, stupid that she would think this is love!

Hopefully, the girls are young enough that they will not learn this lesson and the abuse will not be perpetuated into the next generation.

What would make a mother do this?


Image via WSBTV

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