'Santa Claus' Gets Child Pornography Sentence But That's Not the Worst Part

William BrockHe may look like Santa Claus, he may sound like Santa Claus, but 65-year-old William Brock certainly doesn't act like Santa Claus. The Ohio man who liked to tell children he was in fact Old Saint Nick, plead guilty to 35 child pornography charges. When asked by a reporter if Brock was a pedophile, he quickly denied it.

Brock's been sentenced to 20 years in prison for the disturbing images found on his computer and that's just tip of the iceberg.


Prosecutors also say they found videos on his computer showing rapes being committed by Brock's girlfriend against an 8-year-old girl. Oh, and did I mention the girlfriend was a former day care worker? Are you sick to your stomach, too? The girlfriend received a longer sentence -- 25 years -- for raping two children and posessing sexually explicit photographs on her cell phone.

While they couldn't exactly prove that William Brock ever actually touched a child, it's safe to say he's better off in jail away from our innocent children.

Does this make you feel differently about bringing your children to see Santa Claus?

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