3-Year-Old Girl Found Dead in Bed After Mom & Her Boyfriend Flee Home (VIDEO)

A woman and her boyfriend have been arrested after reportedly fleeing a terrible scene -- that of the woman's 3-year-old daughter dead in her bed from blunt force trauma. Neighbors suspected something was wrong when they saw 23-year-old Sara Krueger and her boyfriend, 26-year-old Scott Warner, leaving their apartment with luggage -- but the woman's 3-year-old was nowhere in sight. They called police who came to the house and found a gruesome discovery -- the little girl dead. She also reportedly appeared to have been sexually assaulted.


The mother and her boyfriend were immediate suspects and eventually found at a restaurant in El Cerrito, California. Imagine that, just sitting there eating while your little girl is dead in her bed. Of course, the couple, who have been arrested, should be presumed innocent, but already it seems very odd that the toddler would be home alone while the couple were miles away in a restaurant together. Makes no sense.

Neighbor Elizabeth Chechourka says that police had visited the home several times since Warner moved in 10 months ago. "When she hooked up with him she just seemed to go downhill," she told the KPIX. "There was a time before he came around that Sarah was a good mother to her little girl.

No one knows what happened except the people who were there, but I hope that the mother, like so many mothers, did not watch her boyfriend abuse her child and turned a blind eye to it. Chose her terrible dysfunctional relationship over her child. WHY are some women so determined to hold on to men they should be running from?!

The two have been charged with homicide, and if it's proven they are guilty, they absolutely deserve the max.

What do you think happened?

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