Woman Guilty of Murdering 9-Year-Old Suddenly Wants Us to Feel Sorry for Her

Alyssa BustamanteThis is beyond upsetting. A woman who was found guilty of murdering a child just "to see what it would feel like", is seeking to cut down her jail time by having her case retried. When Alyssa Bustamante was found guilty of 9-year-old Elizabeth Olten's murder in 2009, she pled guilty to the charges in exchange for a deal -- life with a chance at parole, which she now claims she thought was her only option.

Bustamante alleges she took the deal because she thought if she didn't and tried to defend herself in court, she could face a lifetime in prison with NO chance of parole. Bustamante's new lawyers are claiming she wasn't properly advised the first time, those are their only grounds for retrial, and they don't look good. This claim needs to be rejected, Elizabeth Olten's family has been through enough.



This latest from Bustamante's camp is just a slap in the face of the little girl's family. Why should they have to reopen old wounds so that a killer, who described murdering their daughter in her journal as feeling 'ahmazing', can ask for mercy she doesn't deserve? The most leniency possible Bustmante got at her sentencing -- a chance at parole way down the line if she earns it. Behavior like this proves she's nowhere near close to understanding how insanely evil her actions were.

Even if the case does make it back into a courtroom, what's the point? There's so much evidence against Bustamante -- and a fair portion of it is in her own hand! Not only did she write up the murder itself in her diary, but she noted her plans for the main event which including digging shallows graves for her victim. She also led cops to the remains of the little girl. Why she is now claiming innocence is baffling and ultimately so hurtful to all parties involved.

Do you think she deserves a second trial?


Image via Missouri Department of Corrections


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