Man Steals Bag From the Train & Finds a 2-Week-Old Baby Inside

A man came across an abandoned bag on a train in India, and hoping it was full of cash (because who doesn’t leave bags of cash lying around on trains?), he stole it. The street vendor got quite the shock when he finally unzipped it and saw what was inside -- a smiling 2-week-old baby boy!

Kishor Kale, 20, tried to ditch the bag and the tyke on the station platform but was caught by a station ticket collector, who believed he was abandoning his own child.

Kale, who had been selling nail polish to ladies on the train, was arrested and is still being questioned for his involvement in the case. Police are also investigating and examining surveillance footage to try to figure out what the heck happened.


The baby was taken to a nearby hospital in Mumbai, where he was given a clean bill of health. He is now in temporary custody in a children’s home.

It’s a good thing Kale grabbed the bag when he did -- officers say that 10 more minutes in the zipped up bag would’ve been a death sentence for the child. Senior police inspector Jitendra Rathod said:

Kale is still in our custody and we’re investigating further into the case. He inadvertently saved the boy when he decided to open the bag at Kurla. Otherwise the baby would’ve died inside during the journey.

Oh my gosh, how does this even happen? Where did this kid come from? The hospital said he was 15 days old and healthy, so obviously someone was caring for him. And it’s not like you accidentally zip newborns up in carryalls and then forget you brought them on the train with you. 

Was Kale abandoning his own child? Where is the mother? Why not just leave the baby at an orphanage if the parents couldn’t care for him? So many questions in this weird and sad case, and I hope they find some answers.

If Kale’s involvement was limited to stealing the bag from the train, then it’s a good thing he did. That kid owes his life to him.

What’s your biggest question about this case?

Image via sabianmaggy/Flickr

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