Mom Says She Repeatedly Sold Her Baby for Sex to Pay the Rent

We've all been in desperate need of money occasionally. Few of us, however, would resort to pimping out our baby to do so. But that's exactly the excuse that Natisha Hillard is using after reportedly admitting to selling her baby eight different times to the same man for sex because she was trying to pay the rent.


Hillard reportedly allowed 40-year-old Christopher Bour to have sex with her infant through ages 4 to 16 months and also stayed in the room with them on seven of those disgusting occasions so he could snap photos and take video. Perhaps her staying in the room was her bizarre way of "watching over" her child -- only she actually posed for the pictures too.

One time, Bour paid her more and she left them alone. She says she never asked him what he planned to do with the photos.

The twisted pair's crimes were discovered when someone who worked for Bour became aware of it when he simply told her about it. He also reportedly texted to her that sex with the baby was the  "best sex" he'd ever had. Which tells you everything you need to know about this cretin.

Scarily, the two met through a dating site. Hillard then introduced him to her baby and her 3-year-old daughter. She reportedly allowed him to take sexual pictures of himself and the 3-year-old at least once. But apparently she was too old for him, for he preferred the baby.

This mother betrayed her little girls in the absolute worst way imaginable. Her children relied on her to protect them from people like Bour. Instead, she invited him into their home, invited him to commit depraved acts. This is something these poor kids will have to live with knowing for the rest of their lives.

Thank goodness the children won't have to be subjected to any more of it as both adults will most likely spend eternity in prison. Selling your own body for money is one thing -- and if you need to do it for your children, then it's at least somewhat understandable if you have absolutely no alternatives. But she reportedly chose to sell her defenseless kids instead. Inexcusable.

Why do you think a mother would do this?


Image via Lake County Sheriff's Dept.

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