Man Arrested for Lewd Act on Train Left Evidence on Sleeping Woman

metro north trainCan't. Stop. Cringing. Sorry for the excess of periods, but I can't help my disgust right now. A Metro-North worker by the name of Manny Ramos has been charged with a misdemeanor and breach of peace after he was found pleasuring himself in front of a dozing rider on a commuter train Tuesday morning. PLEASURING. HIMSELF. IN. PUBLIC. According to the female victim, she was sleeping on a 7:35 a.m. train out of Grand Central Terminal when she opened her eyes to see Ramos exposed in front of her performing the lewd act.

But that's not even the worst part: she found physical evidence of the act on her body.

Oh my god. My gag reflex. Oh my GOD.


The woman reported the incident to the train's crew, and then the train was stopped for more than an hour at the Fairfield, Connecticut, train station where Ramos darted out and fled. 

So many things going through my mind after hearing this ridiculously disgusting story. Last time I checked, commuter trains in the morning are PACKED. How in the world did this man hover over this poor, poor dozing women and do such dirty things with no one noticing? Back in my commuting days, I was lucky if I got a seat on the train, nevertheless one with no one sitting directly next to me. And to think -- I used to cringe when I would have to squish next to strangers. I can't even imagine some stranger's SEMEN on me, never mind seeing them EXPOSED in front of me. Ugh. I shudder at the thought of it.

As of now, Manny has been suspended without pay from his job with the MTA. If you ask me -- this man needs to be fired immediately. Heck, I don't consider myself violent, but a good slap across the face could be appropriate, too.

Are you a commuter? Do you ever get worried about what could happen if you doze off?


Image via Emily Abbate

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