Man Says He Stabbed Kids to Death Because He Didn't Have Their Car Seats

Miguel Ramos-Mejia
Miguel Ramos-Mejia
Last week, we tragically learned about Miguel Mejia-Ramos, a man who allegedly stabbed his 21-year-old wife and two toddler children to death. As the story goes, when Mejia-Ramos learned that his wife, Deisy, was having an affair, he flew off the deep end, committing a most-disturbing triple homicide.

More details are coming to light on this case, and I've gotta say: They're only making this heartbreaking case all the more maddening and sad. According to reports, Miguel, who's currently being held in jail without bail, told a judge that the reason he stabbed his 1- and 3-year-old to death was because he was planning on taking them to Mexico, but didn't have car seats for them.


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Officials were reportedly outraged at what Miguel had to say for himself. "I was going to take them with me, but I didn’t have car seats," he had the gall to tell police. "I’ve been to many crime scenes," Queens DA Richard Brown said. "But this one was very disturbing ... my heart goes out to the family."

I tend to have mixed feelings on the death penalty, but, if Miguel did, in fact, commit such cold-blooded crimes and had the audacity to give car seats as an excuse, this man ought to be executed. Three lives were taken at his hand -- two of which were his own children. It's unfathomable.

Clearly, this man isn't right and thinks he's above the law. How else do you explain what he allegedly did or his reasoning behind doing so? If he's convicted, the world will be a much better place if he's not in it, as opposed to this monster simply whiling away the days in jail. A truly disturbing crime if there ever was one.

What do you think an appropriate punishment is for Mejia-Ramos, if convicted?

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