State Trooper Who Performed Sex Act With Boy Claims He Was Doing Him a Favor

An Ohio state trooper has not been arrested for masturbating with a preteen boy. You read that right. Has not been arrested. Hasn't even been charged. Sound bizarre? The Sandusky County (yep, heard that right) state trooper, Ricky Vitte Jr., reportedly admitted to watching porn and masturbating with a preteen boy twice five years ago -- but his "explanation" so swayed the prosecutor that he decided not to press charges. His "explanation"? He was teaching the boy how not to give into the pressures of teen sex. Ermkay!


Ricky Vitte Jr. reportedly confessed to masturbating and watching porn with a preteen boy, but said he did it to show the boy there were other ways of relieving himself. Says the prosecutor about Vitte:

[He] did not want (the boy) to feel pressured on feeling the need to have to have sex with someone, when he can fix those needs by masturbating to porn.

Well, wasn't it nice for Vitte to teach him this?!

I suppose in some worlds, maybe not that long ago, it would have been considered acceptable for an adult to show a kid how to masturbate, but not in the times we're living in. This is just stupid and unacceptable.

Reportedly, a dresser blocked the view of the adult and the boy from each other -- so I guess that made it all right too.

Perhaps this isn't the kind of crime that a guy needs to be locked up for forever, but to just let it slide is bizarre when all over the country teens who are one or two years older than other teens are arrested for statutory rape.

Vitte also has a history of unacceptable behavior -- once being charged with domestic violence after hitting his girlfriend's 5-year-old son so hard his backside bled, and then "head butting" his mother when she objected. Awesome guy.

No word on what the preteen's view of this whole thing is, but hopefully authorities talked to him and got his side of things.

Adults, it's not up to you to teach kids that aren't your own about sex, unless you are a sex ed teacher. And there's definitely no excuse for this type of behavior -- if you want to teach a kid about masturbation, hand him a book. And don't even do that if you're not the kid's parent. Kids all over the world from the beginning of time have figured out masturbation without anyone's help.

Do you think he should be charged?


Image via Cliff1066/Flickr

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