Singer's Dad in Critical Condition After Alleged Fight With Ex Turned Violent

Mary J Blige This is just terrible. A grim way to kick off Friday indeed. Thomas Blige, papa to crooner Mary J. Blige, is in the hospital and he's in critical condition. The cause? It's believed he was stabbed by his ex-girlfriend after he confronted her about vandalizing his car by slashing the tires. That is just terrible. The way these sorts of arguments can escalate out of seemingly nowhere is so upsetting. 

This isn't the first time the duo had gone at it either, apparently. There are seven (SEVEN) reports of domestic disagreements on record with the police involving them both. In fact, the ex-girlfriend currently under suspicion for the stabbing has previously pleaded guilty to violence against Blige in the past. Clearly these two are toxic for each other. 


When the police arrested Blige's ex, she was allegedly wearing blood-spattered clothing. Ugh, this is just ghastly and awful. Though Mary hasn't issued a statement, I can't imagine she's handling this well. She and her dad have a long and complicated past. She's discussed him abusing both her and her mother when she was growing up, pointing the finger of blame at the PTSD he suffered after fighting in the Vietnam War.

This story is a stark reminder that domestic violence doesn't care about your proximity to fame. It also doesn't care about your gender either. Men can be victims of domestic violence too, something I think we often forget. It can happen to anyone, at any time, in any place. You'd think one incident -- let alone seven -- of violence would be enough of a warning sign. But sadly, this is further proof that it often isn't. We're sending our best wishes for a speedy recovery Blige's way and hope that he and his ex-girlfriend can break this vicious cycle of abuse. 

Do you know anyone's who broken the cycle of violence?


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