Mom Charged in Death of Sons She Locked in Car During Sex Act

Heather JensenDoes the name Heather Jensen ring a bell? She's the Colorado mom whose two sons died in November 2012 of hyperthermia -- extreme heat -- after being left in their family car. At the time, Jensen was arrested by cops who said the mom left her toddler sons in the car with the heat running for 90 minutes while she got into a friend's truck. Well, fast forward to today, and Jensen is in court on charges of child abuse and criminally negligent homicide.

And just wait until you hear what prosecutors say she was DOING while her 2- and 4-year-old sons lay dying. The allegation is the 25-year-old, whose husband had died just two months prior, was having sex. It certainly puts a salacious spin on the already troubling tragedy.


And I'll admit, it made me stop and wonder who the heck buckles their kids into the car and leaves them there for an hour and a half just so she can get some. Whatever happened to hiring a sitter and going to a motel? Or putting them to bed at bedtime and doing it in the bed like normal people?

But the more I've thought about the allegations against Jensen, the less it seems to matter that she was getting a little something something while her kids were overheating to the point of death.

She could have been playing golf or writing a sonnet, and the outcome would still be the same. Two kids would have been locked in a car that reached 140-some degrees, according to prosecutors. Little William and Tyler Jensen would have died.

And that? That's unacceptable under any circumstances.

The fact is, you don't leave two toddlers alone for an hour and a half. In a car. In a house. With a mouse. ANYWHERE.

What Jensen was allegedly doing when these children died doesn't really change anything ... they're still dead, and they still deserve justice.

What do you think should happen to this mom if she's convicted? Would you feel differently if she hadn't been having sex?


Image via police handout

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